For the past couple of days, the Chilean media has been keeping an eye on Tottenham Hotspur’s alleged chase for Colo Colo striker Iván Morales.

First, it was said that a US$3m bid was rejected by the Santiago club. Then the player was quizzed about it, and said that’s ‘handled by other people’.

But the local press continues digging into it, and now website BioBio Chile brings an exclusive interview with Colo Colo’s vice-president Harold Mayne-Nicholls.

The official says Morales actually has a price tag, and won’t leave the club for less than that.

“Ivan has a clause of five million euros, it’s part of the contract, there’s a release clause of that amount. People sometimes say it’s a lot, others say it’s little. Ivan’s potential is so great that I don’t know if we will fall short.”

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The quotes make it clear they’re not keen on negotiating, which actually makes the situation even more simple, since Spurs should pay the fee or forget about the 19-year-old.

It’s needless to say that Tottenham easily have the conditions to afford such a release clause, so it should be a matter of really wanting the player or not.