Mino Raiola is having one of those periods in which he talks constantly for about a month and manages to create masses of transfer rumours, and at the same time annoy a few people in football, whilst giving entertainment for the media.

Jurgen Klopp has really got up the nose of Raiola this year, because of the Mario Balotelli situation. Whilst Raiola is often happy to criticise Balotelli, and isn’t keen to make constant excuses for the player, he believes something went wrong in the way Liverpool treated him.

It’s still a cause of annoyance to Raiola and speaking to Italy’s Rai, via Calciomercato, the agent said: “You can’t say that he treated Mario humanely at Liverpool. If you want to sell, but he’s still one of your players, you still have to treat him with respect.”

Raiola’s comments about Klopp and Liverpool may well have a point somewhere, but given the insults he’s sent the way of the German manager, that point has been lost so it’s all somewhat self defeating.