Since the Brazilian media started reporting João Pedro’s transfer from Fluminense to Watford, there’s been a big mystery about the price.

It’s rare for the local press not to find out the amount of a transfer, and it hasn’t been leaked to major outlets so far. That’s why so many Flu fans got mad about the situation, saying the club were probably selling a jewel for too little.

Well, now someone claims to know the numbers. That’s Marcelo Jorand, who writes for one of Fluminense’s biggest independent channels, called Flunews.

According to him, Watford are paying €10m for the teenager.

Are we immediately buying it? Absolutely not. Fluminense are a big club with several journalists covering it everyday, and that’s why we’d be careful before believing that an independent blogger would get the news first.

Anyway, João Pedro is expected to move to Watford in 2020, after he turns 18. By then, we’ll probably know the exact amount paid by the Hornets, the method of payment, how many instalments there are and who is getting a cut.