Since there’s been a multitude of reports regarding the future of Manchester United’s Andreas Pereira at Lazio in the past few months, you’ll know it’s not looking great.

The player hasn’t really featured all that much under Simone Inzaghi, failing to make his way into his plans, and with a €27m purchase clause in the deal, a return to Old Trafford is the likeliest of options.

That being said, there has been one article doing the rounds explaining there could be a future for the midfielder in Rome, coming from Lazio News.

They state that, according to Corriere dello Sport on Tuesday morning, Lazio ‘could renew the midfielder’s loan or lower economic claims with Manchester United’.

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The reasoning behind this is that the British club has ‘no intention of reintroducing Pereira into the squad’, meaning that ‘instead of looking for new suitors, a new formula could satisfy both the club and the player himself, who is eager to stay in Rome’.

The problem is, we can’t see any of this in either Corriere dello Sport’s national edition of the newspaper or their local Rome one, and it’s not on their website either.

The latest there regarding Pereira comes in the shape of a video, but that also doesn’t appear to mention any of what is stated on Lazio News, simply ending with a sentence stating that ‘it seems unlikely that Claudio Lotito will invest €27m on the player’.

If you see something out there that we haven’t, then please let us know, but, for now, we’d take this latest with a pinch of salt.