Widely seen as one of the more exciting prospects currently at Arsenal, Charlie Patino is on the radar of many clubs.

For now, they have to make do with watching him play at Swansea City, where he is on loan for the season, and excelling.

He will return to Arsenal in the summer, which is when clubs could make a move, including AC Milan, who are eyeing him closely, as claimed by intermediary Michele Fratini when speaking to Pianeta Milan.

Describing Patino as a ‘primordial’ footballer, the ‘pure talent’ is seen as a ‘real playmaker’, which he believes is hard to find these days in England.

He spends a lot of time hyping up the young footballer, before revealing that ‘everyone in Italy wants him’, and that includes Inter Milan, Juventus and the aforementioned AC Milan.

The belief is that would cost any interested club ‘around €25m’, which remains to be seen, especially when everyone knows how highly Patino is rated as Arsenal.

Fratini then goes out on a limb and says the midfielder ‘really is a phenomenon’, who never risks losing the ball and is ‘very confident’.

If you ask us, you can’t say all of that and then believe that Arsenal will only want €25m for him, especially when his contract with the Gunners runs until 2025.