The City Group are close to completing a deal with Uruguayan side Nacional for youngster Renzo Orihuela.

Last week we brought you a report from La Observador that Manchester City were interested in the young defender and had already opened negotiations about a move.

The initial report stated that City were willing to buy 80% of the player for a fee of $1.5m and that he would stay with his current club before joining Manchester City in six months.

El Pais confirm that is the case in their report today but add further details about the negotiations.

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According to the newspaper, the City Group, rather than Manchester City directly, are negotiating a deal for 80% of the defender’s rights.

However, there are now added bonuses in the that will see Nacional earn another €1m if Orihuela makes a certain amount of appearances for his national side.

There will also be bonuses should he end up at one of the City Group’s clubs, with €1m if he goes to Girona in Spain and €5m if he signs for Manchester City.

These amounts don’t take into account the percentage that the player and his agent will receive, but a deal is ‘close to being closed’ for the latest youngster to join the City Group’s growing ranks of young players.