Many of our readers, especially Arsenal fans, probably remember the campaign made by the Chilean media for Alexis Sanchez to leave the London side.

Never satisfied with the Gunners’ perceived lack of ambition, local newspapers always claimed it was time for their biggest star to find a new adventure away from Arsene Wenger’s team.

But with the player’s disappointing start at Manchester United, not even the Chilean press is being patient anymore, with Sanchez getting a lot of criticism despite the Red Devils’ 3-2 win over Crystal Palace on Monday night.

Newspaper El Mercurio have put the forward’s struggle on the front page of their sports section on Tuesday, saying that the player is having a hard time to find his tactical role at his new club.

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Mostly focused on the past couple of games, they ‘the press and fans still hope for more’ as Sanchez faces adaptation problems at the club.

Outlet La Tercera is another one who came questioning his performance, but in a harder way.

We’ve translated just the first paragraph of a story they have today, so you can feel how unhappy they are with the Chilean’s start at Manchester United.

‘Alexis Sanchez does not seem to find his place in Manchester. He is uncomfortable, lost, without receiving help. On his face there is no outline of joy, and his days in his new squad seem to be a nightmare. His short passes are far from the audacity that led him to be the figure of Arsenal. His bad temper on the pitch sums up his impotence in front of a team that does not know how to find the good game. The one who was called to be the saviour of a squad that must be protagonist because of its history, today is only noted as a crewman on a ship that remains without a clear course.’