Monday has seen some strange reporting regarding Alexis Sanchez’s fitness.

Several English reports would make Arsenal fans believe that Sanchez’s supposed ankle injury is a big deal in the Chilean media, when it’s hardly been mentioned at all.

Monday’s Chile press doesn’t cover it, and the last mentions over the weekend were mild. There hasn’t been big worry about Sanchez missing Chile’s match against Bolivia, so it’s assumed, that barring nothing goes wrong in that game, he’ll return to Arsenal fit.

Arsenal fans had been encouraged to worry, but that may now be calmed by Chile manager Juan Antonio Pizzi.

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La Tercera journalist Cristian Barrera is at the manager’s pre Bolivia match press conference, and Pizzi has named his team… with Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez in it.

Whilst Sanchez would likely play for Chile with his leg hanging off if he was needed, that really doesn’t seem the case this time.

Arsenal have worries over Alexis Sanchez, but his ankle doesn’t sound like it should be one of them… unless it’s a condition which suddenly gets much worse when he arrives in London.