When Alexis Sanchez first signed for Arsenal the excitement in Chile was huge. Sanchez’s home press were thrilled to see the player become a star of a team after spending time more in the shadows at Barcelona.

The plan was for Sanchez to fire Arsenal to domestic and European glory, and things started off well. Every positive note was covered in Chile, anything positive an English commentator said would be covered in several newspapers and the Chilean press fell in love with how the English media fell in love with Sanchez.

But things went much colder. Sanchez’s time at Arsenal hit a peak and what was a very happy marriage has become a frustrated one.

That’s why in Chile the general wish seems to be that he signs for Manchester City. Given that’s what they want, the Chilean press will take any signs to back their wish up.

El Mercurio say ‘everything indicates’ Sanchez will now sign for Manchester City before the window closes. They don’t give concrete reasons for that, it just seems to be the feeling in Chile matching what they believe is the feeling in England.

The Chilean newspaper have been pushing Sanchez to Manchester City since December, and if it happens then the whole thing can start again, a renewed excitement that El Nino Maravilla will fire his club to glory.

El Mercurio are already publishing possible super Manchester City selections with Sanchez in, showing the all star team their man could be moving to.