Manchester City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo may not be a big fan of interviews in England. But when it comes to Chile, where he’s one of the leaders of the national team, he often speaks to journalists.

On Monday the player had a talk with Mega during his arrival in South America, where he’ll be playing two games for the World Cup Qualifiers.

Apart from the National Team, Bravo was obviously asked about his form at Manchester City, where he was benched last week as Willy Caballero played the 90 minutes against Liverpool.

Asked about the treatment from the fans and media in the UK, the goalkeeper told Mega: “The criticism has not been excessive in that sense. Generally what gets to Chile tends to get bigger and sometimes we make echo to a tweet or something written by a person who we do not know”.

“The first to know when I do not play well or when they score a goal that does not fit my level, the first one that knows is me. When looking for more terms, when the headline is that Bravo does not work, when we start with the poll that we have to change the goalkeeper, that we look for others… the truth is that things happen but I have been able to take advantage.

“I took it as a rematch to show why I have spent so many years in the Chilean team and why I have been a leader in this national team, the most successful in a hundred years.”

Chile now have two crucial games for the World Cup Qualifiers. Currently in fourth place, they will first face Argentina, who are in fifth and can surpass them.

Then Claudio Bravo’s side will be playing a must-win match against Venezuela, who are currently bottom of the table. As only four teams have straight spots to the World Cup, it’s vital for Chile to keep themselves where they are.