Arsenal losing 3-0 to Crystal Palace on Monday was always going to put further doubt over the futures of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. The club seem to be on a slippery slope at the moment and the negativity is palpable.

Whilst the biggest story in England surrounds Arsene Wenger’s future at the Emirates, or lack of it, in Chile it obviously centres around Alexis Sanchez.

When Sanchez moved to Arsenal from Barcelona the reaction in Chile was huge. It was believed he was set to become an absolute world star and lead Arsenal to glories.

Every day there were hugely positive articles coming from the Chilean media. This was a new Arsenal, they’d signed Ozil the year before, now Sanchez, it was time for Wenger to throw the financial shackles off and Make Arsenal Great Again.

In his first year Sanchez won the FA Cup, being an important part of the success, and he received several personal accolades too. The Chilean media were seeing their Maravilla getting the recognition he deserved, next up would surely be a Premier League title challenge.

Arsenal finished the 2015/16 season 2nd, 10 points behind Leicester City. That it wasn’t third was down to Tottenham Hotspur’s mental capitulation, and Arsenal were never really in a title challenge.

From spending on Ozil and Sanchez in consecutive seasons, Arsenal had added just Petr Cech and Mohamed Elneny, which was hardly breaking the bank. Last summer, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City all spent more.

The lack of signing big name players is one of the things irritating Sanchez, according to Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, who also pinpoint the Arsenal star’s ‘bad relationship with teammates’ as a reason for him being ‘disenchanted’ with the club.