Chelsea midfielder Jorginho has spent an hour speaking to Brazilian TV channel Esporte Interativo this week.

There was plenty of time for the player to talk about the lockdown, his current season at Chelsea, his choice for the Italian national team and his plans for the future.

One of the questions Jorginho had to respond was about the situation of his teammate Willian, whose contract with the Blues expires at the end of the season.

The midfielder was asked if he feels any lack of effort from Chelsea to get a deal done with the Brazilian, and felt a little discomfort replying to that.

“You are putting me in a somewhat complicated position by answering that (laughs). The only thing I really feel like talking about is that it would be really a shame to lose a player like Willian. Not just the player, but the person he is. The guy, the professional he is. That’s what I understand, because it’s also complicated to get into that personal part and ask how the situation is. So I don’t feel like asking him ‘so, why haven’t you renewed it yet?’. So I keep it to myself, I always talk to him.”

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“So it would be a shame because apart from the potential, the quality that he has, which is absurd, that for me he really is above average, he’s a phenomenon, it’s something that Chelsea really shouldn’t lose. So I really hope that this contract renewal comes out. I don’t know what’s going on, honestly. Even more now, in quarantine, where there’s no contact, where it’s even more complicated to call to talk about it. So I just hope that this renovation comes out and that we don’t lose a player like him. It would be a pity both for the locker room, for the person he is, and for the field, for the excellent player he is.”

Asked about his plans for the future, Jorginho claims he dreams of winning something for the Italian national team, since he has already won titles for Chelsea, but also has the desire to lift the Champions League trophy with the Blues.

He also claimed that he supported many Brazilian clubs during his childhood, but has a special affection for São Paulo, and could end up playing there in the long-term future.