Chelsea remain the big Premier League club chasing Hellas Verona’s Marash Kumbulla.

That’s if we believe Corriere dello Sport on Wednesday, who explain Frank Lampard’s side have started to take certain strides towards the Albania international in order to overtake the competition.

Earlier in the year, clubs such as Manchester United and Everton were also thrown in the mix by various members of the Italian media, but the one that has truly stuck, at least in recent weeks is Chelsea.

Corriere tend to be the ones driving the story, and they claim that while Inter were seen as the favourites to acquire Kumbulla up to a few days ago, the Blues’ ‘concrete interest has turned up’ and seemingly disrupted those plans.

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This all comes amid an article about Lazio’s interest in the player, who want to sell him a project where he can continue to grow while being a main protagonist.

However, they have to compete with big clubs such as the Stamford Bridge side, Inter and Borussia Dortmund, which doesn’t make their task any easier.

It’s stated ‘foreign clubs, and Chelsea above all’ could ‘outperform’ the competition.

There’s still hope from Lazio’s end their plan will be the logical one for him to choose, but if it solely comes down to money, we all know who will come out on top.

Oh, and he’d cost ‘more than €20m’, not that this would be an issue for Chelsea.