Chelsea’s relationship with Italian managers is an interesting one.

While Roman Abramovich loves to appoint them, it seems his patience with them isn’t the best.

According to Corriere dello Sport on Thursday, the Chelsea owner won’t go into next season with Antonio Conte at the helm, but is keen on replacing him with one of his compatriots: Max Allegri.

Now, before we go any further, we know that claims of English clubs wanting Italian managers are a staple of Italian newspapers, and most of them come and go, yet this one is written by the much respected Gabriele Marcotti.

Moving on, the article states that rather than being an ‘indiscretion’, this is a ‘concrete suggestion that’s currently circulating in the Stamford Bridge corridors’, even if there are a few obstacles, namely Allegri’s contract.

Having renewed his contract with the Serie A club in July until 2020, there’s little chance of Juventus wanting to discuss their manager leaving, especially if he were to win the Champions League this season.

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That being said, it’s no secret managing in the Premier League is something Allegri would like to try one day, having already taken English lessons in the past.

Where does Conte fit in all this? Well, Marcotti explains the current Chelsea manager already wanted to leave in the summer, only to stay when he realised he’d have to pay a very expensive penalty if he did.

The fact Abramovich’s mindset, to build a young side, is so different his employee’s, to compete with Manchester City, remains an issue.

Unless results force an early exit, Conte will stay until the end of the season.

Beyond that? As Marcotti writes ‘he’ll pack his suitcase’.