Yesterday, we explained how rumours linking Diego Costa and Palmeiras started. Fans asking for the signing, journalists buying it, and things escalating pretty quickly.

And the speculation has reached another level today, as Brazilian journalist Jorge Nicola managed to interview Diego Costa’s brother (the one who looks exactly like the player) to ask about the transfer.

Jair Costa ended up explaining a few more details of the striker’s possible departure from Chelsea, and made it clear there are many options for him in the transfer market.

Asked about the possibility of seeing his brother playing for Palmeiras, Jair Costa said: “To be honest, now, I find it very difficult. Many friends called me in the last hours to ask about it, but Diego did not comment on that.

“Diego, fortunately, has many offers. I cannot say how many there are, but they exist.”

Regarding a move to China, Jair said: “I think it’s very unlikely, because there is the World Cup next year and Diego Costa wants to be there.”

The Chelsea player’s brother has also made it clear that, despite the rumours, it’s not agreed that Diego will be joining Atletico Madrid again: “Diego has a great affection for Atletico, but there is nothing certain so far. We have to wait and see what will happen.”

Finally, Jair was asked if Diego is really a Palmeiras fan: “Yes, he is a Palmeiras fan, even though our father and I are São Paulo fans. He became a Palmeirense because of our uncle, when he moved to São Paulo. Until then, he was a Corinthians fan.”

What makes the move to Palmeiras unlikely is that, despite being one of the richest Brazilian sides at the moment, the club can’t afford Costa’s salary.

Felipe Melo, for example, has left Inter Milan to join Palmeiras earlier this year. He has one of the biggest salaries in the squad, but makes only £83k plus bonuses per month.