Speaking ahead of their two friendlies against Mexico and Japan, Eden Hazard had quite a lot to say about the start to the season, or, at least, what he’s played of it so far, having had to wait a bit longer after recovering from an ankle injury.

Labelling his compatriot Kevin De Brune as the best player in the Premier League right now, the Chelsea star also admitted that his side didn’t compare to Manchester City, naming them the top team in England right now.

Described as ‘very relaxed’ by Het Belang Van Limburg, who conducted the interview, Eden Hazard was also a bit surprised at how well he’s playing so soon after coming back from his injury.

He said: “I thought that it would take longer for me to get back to the top level. I’m back again and I hope I can improve in the next few months so I can be at my best at the end of the season”.

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Since the next two international fixtures coming up are only friendlies, Eden Hazard knows full well it would be ‘a bit stupid’ to play 180 minutes of football: “Maybe the coach let’s me play 90 minutes. Or 45 minutes twice”.

Despite his recent ankle injury, the player isn’t concerned about it happening again, asked by the newspaper if the rough treatment he faced against Manchester United was a worry for him.

He added: “If I start to think about injuries, I might as well stop playing football. I’m lucky I haven’t been injured a lot. I know that I will always get hit because of the way I play”.

So far this season, Hazard has scored three goals and picked up four assists in 13 appearances for Chelsea.