Chelsea midfielder Jorginho this week gave a pretty long interview to Brazilian pundit Alê Oliveira. In one hour and forty minutes, there was plenty of time for the midfielder to tell his whole story, from his early days to the big things he’s been achieving in the past few years.

When speaking of his move from Napoli to Chelsea, the Brazilian pointed out that he was actually close to joining another club from the Premier League, and the Blues moved harder for his signing. Manchester City had been strongly linked to the player at the time, but when telling the story, he didn’t want to name them at first.

“A bid arrived and… you don’t know, man. I’m not going to say it,” Jorginho told Alê Oliveira.

“No, I’m kidding (laughs). I wasn’t supposed to come to Chelsea, man. I was supposed to have arrived at another club. Another English club.

“And then it happened as it happened and I arrived at Chelsea, which also, hey, with history, that’s Chelsea, right, man. So with Chelsea everything happened very fast. When I saw it, I was already in London and I said ‘let’s go’.”

Alê Oliveira then asked Jorginho if something went wrong with that club (Manchester City) or if it was Chelsea who ‘ran over’ the competition for the transfer. The midfielder confirmed the Blues ‘ran over’, and tried to stop the talk there.

“Let’s just stay there, man.”

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The conversation went on, with Jorginho talking about the importance of being happy in Chelsea’s dressing room, and then Ale Oliveira insisted a little by asking which club got close to signing him. Then the player finally talked about it.

“But it’s not a secret. If you put it on the internet, you find it. It’s Manchester City.”

Asked if it would have been good, the midfielder agreed with it.

“No, it wouldn’t. There’d be a good tiki-taka too. And it fits a little bit with the game style.”

Jorginho was also asked if he still has the dream of playing under Pep Guardiola.

“I have. I don’t know if it will [happen]. But yeah, he’s a reference. When I was a kid, watching his Barcelona win everything with Ronaldinho, Xavi, Iniesta.”