It continues to be impressive how many times Willian has spoken to the Brazilian media in the past couple of weeks.

On Monday morning, we found two more interviews the Chelsea star has given, as he’s talked to UOL and ESPN Brasil this time.

Let’s start with UOL, who’ve been more direct about his contract situation with the Blues. They asked him if there’s any news about a renewal, and Willian made clear there’s been a pause.

“The only concrete negotiation was to renew a contract with Chelsea, which wasn’t possible. They wanted a two-year contract and I asked for three. Now, everything has stopped, I will only have news when I return,” Willian told UOL.

Asked about the rumours which linked him to Palmeiras, Willian made it clear that his plan is to stay in European football for longer.

“We hear the rumours, we know that we have interest from clubs, especially because I’ll be free in the market, I’ll be able to negotiate, there are no offers for now… Palmeiras didn’t come to me. Nobody.

“I can’t deny it, of course I have special affection for Corinthians, but returning to Brazil is not something I think about now. It doesn’t cross my mind. I still have a lot of market in Europe.”

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Willian’s chat with ESPN was a lot longer. He first claimed he’d like to stay in the Premier League, and said he’ll wait to evaluate the options he has.

“My desire is to stay in the Premier League, but I don’t rule out playing in other leagues, no. I’ll play until the end of the season and see what happens.”

The Brazilian was asked who’s the most impressive teammate he’s had, and said Eden Hazard. Quizzed about the Belgian star’s departure from the Blues, he said the entire squad was ready for it.

“By the time speculation started, we already knew. He had this desire to play in Madrid, it was something we were waiting for. Of course, it was certainly very bad to lose him as a good friend and teammate. But that was it: sad on the one hand and happy on the other.”

Regarding his future, Willian said he’s not planning to be a manager: “I think about being an agent in football. I think that, because of my posture, my way of being, I don’t see myself as a coach. As an agent, yes, taking care of the players’ career, in the same way it was done, I also want to help in the lives of other young people, helping those in need.”

And with the squad all in lockdown, he revealed the teammates he’s been communicating with: “We have a WhatsApp group that receives training information, but has no daily contact. My best friend at the club was David Luiz, who left. He’s a great friend. Today, I have a closer relationship with Emerson and Jorginho, Brazilians. But I have a lot of friendship with Kovacic and also with Rudiger.”