If you’ve been following the already annoying Romelu Lukaku saga, you’ll know the Chelsea player’s lawyer had a meeting with Inter on Tuesday.

The Italian media made a very big deal about it, and Wednesday’s newspapers cover it all in detail, starting with Gazzetta dello Sport.

The pink outlet first reveal the meeting between Sébastien Ledure, the Chelsea striker’s latest representative, and Beppe Marotta, ‘should have been kept in great secrecy’.

If you want a summary of the meeting, then Gazzetta provide it, stating that Inter’s wishes ‘converge with those of Lukaku, and this is what matters the most at this stage’.

However, that’s only half of the issue, because dealing with Chelsea will be much more complicated, as the other half ‘depends solely’ on the Blues.

They need to agree to a loan, and this isn’t something Inter are going to do themselves.

No, it’s up to ‘Romelu himself, through Ledure’, to convince them.

As explained previously, the Serie A side want this sorted by the end of June to ensure they can use the Growth Decree to help with Lukaku’s wages, which is why the 30th of that month is marked ‘in red on the calendar’.

Ledure now has to meet Chelsea, at which point, ‘the big shot will be attempted’, which is to try and ‘obtain the yes to a loan considered necessary to all’.

He’s given himself two weeks, and has ’15 days to convince the Blues’ to agree to the temporary deal.

Corriere dello Sport provide similar information, but are a bit more dramatic, stating it’s up to Lukaku to find a solution for the transfer.

They are said to have some ‘weapons at their disposal’, because if Lukaku ‘no longer wants anything to do with Thomas Tuchel, the same goes for the German manager’.

Therefore, ‘it would make no sense to continue living together’ and the Belgian must leave Chelsea ‘for the good of all’.

The hard part now begins…