It’s fair to say that Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas isn’t having the best season of his career. The Spanish midfielder isn’t in the favour of Antonio Conte and it’s difficult to question the decisions of the Italian manager given Chelsea’s recent Premier League run.

Top of the table, Conte can now pretty much pick the team he wants, without supporters singing for other players, journalists expressing their astonishment, or social media exploding in fury.

Fabregas knows he just has to get on with things and Spanish newspaper Marca explain that’s what he’s been doing. Returning from a troublesome but not serious quadriceps injury, Fabregas has now played for Chelsea’s second string, and he’s got no problem with that. Marca explain the 29 year old is keen to get fully match fit and get his sharpness back, and if that means getting minutes with the younger players then Fabregas is all for it.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 08.30.09That’s not to rule out a transfer. Despite Conte saying Fabregas is an important player, a transfer can’t be ruled out this winter with Marca saying a loan is a possibility.

Sevilla are weakly linked, and Marca point out: ‘But football takes many turns and nobody knows what will happen between now and Christmas.’

Fabregas could impress so much for Chelsea’s second string that Conte recalls him to the first team and everyone lives happily ever after.