Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger is a potential target for Real Madrid, although they do not want to pay him the €12m a year he’s asking for.

That’s according to Marca, who say Real Madrid believe that price is too high, particularly as he’s not as good as David Alaba.

Rudiger is out of contract at Chelsea in the summer and, despite their determination to keep him, is yet to sign a new deal to remain at Stamford Bridge.

The big sticking point is his wages, with it widely reported that he believes he should be on considerably more than he is, given his importance in the squad.

Chelsea seemingly feel different, and their offers so far are yet to match what Rudiger is looking for, hence the uncertainty about his future.

Several big sides in Europe are all thought to be keeping track of the situation, including Real Madrid, who need to reinforce defensively after losing Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos this summer.

Marca back up that Madrid are interested, and Rudiger is ‘on the radar’ at the club as he would be an ‘interesting’ option to reinforce the centre of their defence.

They already have Alaba and Militao and consider them the future but would be interested in another option, particularly if he was arriving on a free, like Rudiger.

There are, however, ‘doubts’ about his salary. Real Madrid believe the €12m the Chelsea man is asking for it ‘too much’, especially given they don’t believe he is on the same level as Alaba.

In other words, they’d be happy to sign him, but they don’t think he’s as good as what they have, so won’t offer him the terms he wants.

Rudiger, then, will have to lower his demands if he wants the move or stay at Stamford Bridge, with neither Chelsea nor Madrid convinced he’s worth as much as he’s asking for.