Jorginho’s great form at Chelsea has been getting a lot of attention in Brazil, even when it’s other club players who are being interviewed.

Fullback Emerson Palmieri has spoken to ESPN Brasil’s Futebol no Mundo this week, and during the chat, he was much asked about the influence that the former Napoli player has been having on the London side..

“It’s true, it’s true. Jorginho really is a player who had already showed his quality there in Napoli,” Emerson Palmieri told ESPN Brasil.

“He’s that famous regista, makes the team play, makes the team have ball possession. He’s a player who has adapted very well at the beginning of the season, adapting very well here in English football.”

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Regarding Jorginho’s past work under Maurizio Sarri at Napoli, Palmieri claims that the midfielder has been helping the Chelsea squad to understand the manager’s preferences.

“He has known the manager for three years, it’s three seasons that they are together. And it has been helping us a lot here, even how we can handle the manager too, how he likes to play. So Jorginho is being a fundamental piece for us.”

Both Palmieri and Jorginho joined Chelsea from Serie A sides, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. They are both Brazilians, but chose to play for the Italian national team during their time in the country. The midfielder made his debut for Azzurra in 2016, while the left-back played his first game this year.