On Wednesday, we covered claims from Brazil which linked Chelsea forward Lucas Piazon to Vasco da Gama.

We pointed out the main claim came from a website we had never seen before, along with a bunch of other comments on Twitter.

Given the big reaction from the Brazilian club’s fans, local journalists went after the story, and it’s now been rubbished.

Luiza Sá, from Lance, says Piazon has no plan to return to Brazil for now, and hasn’t had any contact with Vasco. He’s actually analysing loan offers from three European clubs.

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These are perhaps the most interesting claims, since it’s said that Piazon has one more year of contract with Chelsea.

His last official renewal was in 2017, when he signed a two-year extension. Several websites such as Transfermarkt believe his deal is expiring this summer.

So maybe Chelsea renewed the player’s contract before sending him to Chievo, where he’s been loaned since January. And once he returns to Stamford Bridge this summer, the search for another destination continues.