If Chelsea are agreeing a fee with Borussia Dortmund for the purchase of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang then the first place one would expect it to be reported is Germany or England, and it would be hyped up for several days before that.

There’s always the possibility old Aubameyang contacts could lead to the story breaking in France, but Spain is a different story, that’s why a claim from Marca on Monday is somewhat eyebrow raising.

The Spanish newspaper say Chelsea are negotiating a €70m deal to sign Aubameyang. Marca link it to a possible Chelsea move for Alvaro Morata, and say there’s also a proposal from PSG, but the London club now have an advantage.

From sounding pretty sure at the beginning of the article, Marca seem to be less sure by the end, bringing it back to Morata: ‘Chelsea’s interest in Aubameyang further complicates the possible departure of the Real Madrid centre forward’

This very much feels like a mash up of claims from elsewhere, without Marca bothering to credit any of them, and not as exciting as the headline would initially make it look.

There’s every chance Chelsea would consider Aubameyang, but there doesn’t feel anything especially new in this, and the whole point seems to be creating more Morata uncertainty.