Sport, a Spanish newspaper of the Catalan variety, often like to cover Real Madrid transfer potentials, with the possibility of then being able to criticise them when those deals fail to come off.

It’s nothing to do with the recent situation in Catalonia, the media most loyal to Barcelona winds up Real Madrid, and Marca, more loyal to the Champions League winners, sometimes go the opposite way.

Sport are looking at Real Madrid’s goalkeeper situation, and have decided the club need to buy a Galactico stopper next summer. The reasoning for this is that Madrid failed to sign Kylian Mbappe, a Galactico, and should probably upgrade their goalkeeper.

There’s two options, one is of course Manchester United’s David De Gea, and the other Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois.

De Gea’s previous desire to return to Madrid is widely known, and Sport say Courtois also wants to return to live in Spain, and specifically Madrid, with both Premier League players having represented Atletico.

Sport say both men have a contract ending in 2019, although De Gea’s contract has an option for a further year, not mentioned by the newspaper.

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Given the contract situation, and Sport building up Madrid’s need, it’s laid out that either one of the two could be signed for €50m in the summer.

The Catalan newspaper also claims that Madrid have asked Courtois not to renew his Chelsea contract, therefore making a transfer easier next summer. With Courtois refusing to renew with Chelsea, at least according to Sport, he’s seen as the likelier option right now.

And, if Real Madrid should fail to sign either of the €50m options, then Sport will have an opportunity to point out how much the club from the Spanish capital has failed.

It’s all a gameshow.