Chelsea’s loan situation has gotten so out of hand that even the most avid fan of the club probably couldn’t tell you who has gone where on a temporary basis.

One of the 38 (THIRTY-EIGHT) players out on loan somewhere is Charly Musonda Jr., currently contracted to Real Betis in La Liga, is one of the few playing on a semi-regular basis, having made an appearance in each of the Spanish club’s games this season.

Starting only once, the 19-year-old has also picked up an assist along the way: a lovely cross from the right-wing to tee up a Joaquin header, ensuring a 1-0 win over Malaga a couple of weeks ago.

The player knows he will need more time if he wants to improve, but he isn’t complaining, even if he isn’t played in his favourite position, telling DH: “You don’t judge a player on a small period of two to three months, but on a full career. I’m still learning. I’m staying calm and doing my job.”

As for a future at Chelsea, the player knows he’s being watched and every performance of his is being analysed back in London, even if he hasn’t actually had any contact with the manager yet.

He said: “There’s feedback with people from Chelsea. I’ve never actually been in direct contact with Antonio Conte, but the club are keeping an eye on their players’ performances. My dream is to play in the Premier League, I’m going to continue my efforts to reach that objective.”

At 19, he still has a long time to do that. He’ll just hope he doesn’t suffer the same fate as his brothers, both released by the club in the past.