There’s pretty clear disagreement over what’s happening with Charly Musonda and his injury diagnosis and recovery prognosis.

Travelling back to Chelsea this week after being injured playing for Vitesse in his first match there on loan, local Dutch reports spoke of a serious shin blow and the likelihood of the player being out for months.

Belgium’s HLN then reported it was actually good news from Chelsea, with tests showing he’d only be out for four weeks.

De Gelderlander, who originally broke the injury news, have it very differently indeed. They say that when checking what was initially thought to be a shin injury, Chelsea found a problem with the player’s knee instead, and he’s now set to be out of action for ‘a few months’.

The Dutch newspaper makes clear that their information has come from ‘Chelsea’s medical staff’. They even quote Vitesse coach Leonid Sloetski as saying: “We had a real reinforcement. This is very disappointing for Charly and Vitesse.”

There’s a possibility the player’s camp is giving out different information, but these are two very contrasting takes on the situation.