Chelsea are once again linked with Jadon Sancho by Wednesday’s edition of SportBild.

The German magazine has linked several Premier League clubs with the Borussia Dortmund player over the past year, and it’s a story they clearly want to get as much out of as possible.

That’s understandable, because it gets them plenty of attention. Fans of clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United are often keen to hear what SportBild have to say, however, they often end getting a dramatised version of it.

Naming both of those clubs again, there’s nothing remotely concrete in the claims. €130m is presented as the latest asking price, although that seems to be based on very little which actually matters.

Not so long ago it was €140m, remember.

Chelsea are dealing ‘intensively’ to sign Sancho, yet there’s zero claims of talks or any offer even being built at this stage.

Looking for a new angle, and perhaps finding a fair one, SportBild say the Covid-19 situation could play a part, with finances of top clubs potentially facing a big blow in the coming weeks.

That makes this period crucial, although it’s likely similar would be claimed regardless of Coronavirus.