Chelsea advisor Piet de Visser has spoken about Tottenham manager Antonio Conte, saying the Italian’s methods have a ‘shelf life’.

Conte has recently returned to the Premier League with Tottenham having accepted their offer to replace Nuno Espirito Santo after he was sacked by Spurs after just ten games in charge.

There is much optimism around the appointment, with the Italian one of the most successful managers currently working in the game.

He has a proven track record of success with the likes of Juventus, Chelsea and more recently, Inter Milan.

At the other end of the spectrum sits current Ajax boss Erik Ten Hag, who is establishing himself as one of the most exciting managers in European football.

He’s overseen a major rebuild at the Dutch club and led them to a number of impressive performances both domestically and in the Champions League.

He’s subsequently been linked with all the top clubs when those positions have come up, with his name currently heavily linked to the vacant position at Manchester United.

Before then, he had been linked to Tottenham, and legendary Chelsea advisor De Visser believes he is a safer long term option than the man they’ve gone for; Conte.

“Ten Hag will be on the lips of many top clubs,” Ajax Showtime report him saying, who say that De Visser is still a scout for the Blues.

“Big club bosses want to be the best and look mainly for results. Then you also have owners who want to do that with beautiful football. Ten Hag shows both, and with that he has scored enormously abroad.

‘I see a trainer who has developed himself very strongly by building his career and by being eager to learn. Ten Hag listens to others. He did the same initially at Ajax.

“You must not ignore the wishes of top players, but you mustn’t be a lapdog either. It is important to convince them with knowledge and exercise material. He is very good at that.

“I have few doubts with Ten Hag. That is also because trainers have to be a bit maniacal in my eyes. He has that too. That drive, the continuous demand for improvement and pointing to lesser moments.

“I have often seen players not being corrected and therefore performing less well. You mustn’t overdo it like Antonio Conte because then your method will have a shelf life. Ten Hag also knows that very well.”

Tottenham fans won’t be too concerned should Antonio Conte burn out in the medium term, as long as he’s taken them several steps forward, and perhaps to a trophy, before then.