PSG have been reborn so many times that it can feel a little like a circus, especially given the club was only actually established in 1970.

The latest rebirth came this summer when, throwing concerns about FFP into the air, PSG signed both Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. With an aim of winning the Champions League, tonight’s match against Celtic is very important for Unai Emery and his team.

Playing away at Celtic Park can be seen as a classic European test, and it’s one PSG will be expected, by many in France and around Europe, to pass with flying colours.

If all things were equal off the pitch and there wasn’t some stardust to match the undoubted stars then Celtic shouldn’t have a chance. But things aren’t equal, Celtic Park will bring an atmosphere largely unrivalled in the Champions League, and if Brendan Rodgers’ men can use that well then it’s certainly an advantage.

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Mikael Lustig has been speaking to excellent Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet about the match, and PSG’s wealth and standing. Asked whether he feels it’s fair PSG are basically backed by a country, Lustig explained: “No, and as you say, it becomes tougher and tougher for smaller teams, but we do not get that money in a club like Celtic.

“It’s an extremely big club but we can find other ways, like finding young players instead and selling on to get money. Then you get to know what the fans want. Do they want a club bought by a country? I don’t know what the PSG fans think, but I’m not sure if the Celtic fans would appreciate it.”

The success would be welcome, as would some of the world’s best players to watch, but Celtic very much has an identity anyway. With PSG being a club just 47 years of age, there’s simply no way to have that history which brings a special kind of emotion, family connection, and magic.

Perhaps combining that Celtic magic with extra funds would be welcomed by the club’s fans.