While winning the Scottish Premiership isn’t anything new to Celtic and their fans, this season could be very different.

After 30 games, Brendan Rodgers’ men are still undefeated, racking up 28 wins and two draws, and completing the season without a loss would be a first for a Scottish team.

One of the key members of this run, especially during its second half, has been Belgian defender Derdryck Boyata, who has seen his form rewarded by getting recalled to his national team’s squad.

However, ending the football undefeated isn’t on anyone’s mind, according to the player, who was speaking to DH, even if doing so would be an incredible achievement.

In fact, the players don’t even talk about it.

He said: “We’re aware of it, yes. The manager keeps telling us to forget about it because it would add pressure. If we follow the instructions, continue as we’re doing, maybe we’ll manage it. To say it’s a goal, no. What we want to do is give our all each game.”

With two months of football left to play, a lot could happen, something Boyata is very aware of, considering he missed the first half of the season.

For the centre-back, this campaign has taught him more than he ever thought possible.

He explained: “This will help me for the future: regardless what difficulty I find myself it, I can get out of it. This might not happen to everyone, but others have gone through it.

“Without being pretentious, I hope I can be an example for people who find themselves in similar situation. When you continue to fight, luck finds you and you have to fully grasp it.”