On the scale of unacceptable and criminal behaviour around football matches, trying to get in without a ticket is miles below chasing opposition fans with knives, yet it’s still a crime and several Celtic fans have been accused of.

Italian newspaper Il Tempo has a headline reading: ‘Money in the pocket of the steward, Celtic fans reported for corruption’

Seven travelling supporters are said to have been handed a Daspo by the Roman police.

A Daspo is like a football banning order, and sometimes individuals have to report to police stations ahead of matches to show they’re not attempting to attend.

The bans have been controversial among some Italian fans because they don’t require a conviction, just a report from a police officer.

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Il Tempo say two of the Celtic fans arrived at the Stadio Olimpico ‘without documents’, which would presumably mean without tickets. It’s claimed they tried to push passed stewards ‘and then put some money in their pocket in an attempt to corrupt them.’

Four other Celtic fans were found to have flares hidden in their clothing, according to the police reports, and the final one of the seven is said to have attempted to enter the stadium with a ticket in someone else’s name and then insulted a police officer when denied entry.