Anyone who remembers Massimo Cellino from his time at Leeds `united, and let’s be honest, it was hard to forget, will know the Italian owner is something of an eccentric.

Cellino is well known for his strange beliefs and adherence to superstitions, and that was often seen during his ownership at Elland Road.

Now back in his native Italy and chairman of Brescia, it seems that Cellino’s odd ways from his time at Leeds haven’t stopped.

According to Corriere Dello Sport, Brescia have just completed the signing of Iceland star Birkir Bjarnason from Al Arabi Sports Club.

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The midfielder has signed a six-month deal at the club and has already met his teammates and coach, and could even feature against Cagliari on Sunday. Except, nobody is aware of this.

Why? Because Cellino refused to announce the deal on the 17th, as he believed that it would be bad luck for his club.

The Italian has long considered the number 17 to be bad luck and, whatever club he’s been at, has made it clear that the number is banned.

When he signed Mario Balotelli in the summer, the deal was ready to be announced on the 17th, but Cellino delayed it until the 18th.

There was a similar story from his time at Leeds too. According to Corriere, Cellino discovered that goalkeeper Paddy Kenny was born on the 17th and subsequently sacked him.

The superstition is a strong one for Cellino, who has the number ‘banned in all respects’ at every club he goes to, regardless of the consequences.