On Sunday morning we covered claims from Brazil that Everton were set to make a €35m offer for Everton… the Gremio player.

A couple of sources from the country went with the story, and it was reported the Premier League club would make their offer official quickly.

There’s been good news and bad news since then for the 99% of the world’s population who would love to see someone called Everton sign for Everton.

The Gremio player himself was asked about it, and made it very clear it’s something he’d be chuffed about. Globo Esporte quote him as saying: “Nothing has come to me. But it is a cause for happiness. Let’s keep the regularity. It is the result of the work that has been done. With every speculation that comes, we are happy, because they are great teams. Then I don’t know (if an offer will arrive).”

That was the good news, the bad news came from the player’s agent.

Márcio Cruz told Zero Hora: “I don’t know where they get it from. Nothing has come to me.”

So, unless Everton are working directly with Gremio, and haven’t even contacted the player’s agent, which seems unlikely, then it doesn’t look like there’s a great deal in this.

The agent was pretty clear and whilst there’s the possibility he could be hiding a deal being built in the background, he would probably have chosen different words to do so.