Last week, rumours started appearing saying Carlos Carvalhal could be sacked by Sheffield Wednesday if he fails to achieve promotion again.

The manager already came close to the Premier League last season, but after being beaten by Hull City at Wembley, the dream was delayed for one more year.

Now with another play-off spot in his hands, Carvalhal prepares himself to take one more shot and try to finally get to English football’s elite.

The boss has given an interview to Portuguese Radio Renascença, and commented on his situation at the club.

“It’s a great feat like it had been last year,” Carvalhal told Renascença’s show Bola Branca. “This year it was harder because of the responsibilities we created ourselves.

“Before we arrived the team was struggling and we reached the play-off final and did not go up because we lost only the final at Wembley.

“In this second year, expectations are higher and work is more difficult. In 24 teams at least 20 intend to reach the play-offs and we have already reached this place.”

Asked about his Sheffield Wednesday contract, which is expiring at the end of the current season, Carvalhal claims the extension is not on his mind right now.

“I’m not worried. Just focused on doing my job well and the record is very good. In time we will make the best decision for myself and my staff. But without pressure or precipitation.”

But after spending two years at Sheffield Wednesday, the manager feels that he and his staff deserve to continue the work for longer.

“It’s a very strong possibility for everything. The fans like us, the team was created by us, the idea of the game is ours and the philosophy too. We are breaking down many barriers. We have the best record in the history of the club and the notion that our name will be marked. This factor will weigh in the decision.”