A week ago to the day, we covered quotes from Corriere dello Sport journalist Fabio Mandarini regarding Everton’s interest in Allan.

Speaking on the TeleVomero show Fuorigioco, he explained the Brazilian would ‘surely go away’ in the summer after Carlo Ancelotti’s side came forward and ‘made an offer’.

There were no figures or details given in those quotes, but, a week later, Mandarini has once again featured on the same show, and this time, he’s found out more.

Relayed by Area Napoli, he said: “I can give you an important bit of new on Allan. He’s had two meetings with Napoli for a renewal. The first went especially badly. There’s still no agreement for the Brazilian’s contract extension.

“Everton, in January, offered €40m. To be more precise, it was Carlo Ancelotti who made these offers because he wants the midfielder in the Premier League. Napoli said no, hoping to get more money from the sale”.

We quite like the idea of Carlo Ancelotti receiving Farad Moshiri’s credit card and rather than going straight to Harrods, phoned up Aurelio De Laurentiis to try and convince him to sell the tailor-made midfielder.

On a more serious note, this claim by Mandarini suggests Everton were really keen on the former Udinese man, and, at this rate, it’s hard to not see them come back for more in the summer.