On Sunday morning, some hours before Everton’s match against Chelsea, Calciomercato published an article talking about AC Milan interest in Richarlison.

Leonardo, who helps guide transfers for the club, is said to have been interested in the Brazilian for some years, even before he moved to Watford.

There was a chance of the player arriving at Milan from Fluminense, but the transfer didn’t take off and now he’d be an awful lot more expensive.

It’s explained that ‘in recent hours’ the player’s entourage have ‘filtered information’ about Everton’s plans with the player this summer. They have no intention of a sale, Richarlison is considered ‘untouchable’, and it’s then said it’d take €65/70m to tempt the Premier League club.

Calciomercato say that this is why the ‘cards of the table change’, signing the forward is considered complicated, and, despite their interest, it’s likely out of Milan’s reach at the moment.

This all came before the player helped Everton to a 2-0 victory over Chelsea, so the task would likely be even harder now.