Despite being quite an important player in Cardiff City’s run of form to gain promotion back to England’s top tier Loïc Damour’s game time since the start of the season has been close to abysmal.

The 28-year-old has made just four appearances in all competitions, including just 21 minutes in the league, and two full games in the cups (one in each).

If that wasn’t bad enough, things are about to get a whole lot worse for the French midfielder, as the Bluebirds are now out of both tournaments and he wasn’t included in Neil Warnock’s 25-man Premier League list for the second half of the season.

Wanting more minutes, a move on loan was sought, but, speaking to Clicanoo in Réunion, Damour explained why he’s now set to stay in Wales for the next six months instead of heading to Scotland.

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He said: “I was wanted, but I refused because it was in the last few hours of the transfer window. The timing was too tight. The offers also weren’t from top tier clubs. I didn’t want to mess things up or end up somewhere random for both my family and my career. It might not have been the best choice for me to go there.”

Wanting a new chance elsewhere, the player didn’t get what he wanted, and admits things will be ‘very complicated’ for him going forward, and that he’ll need to be patient to then prepare for next season.

As for what he’ll do in the next six months: “I just have to train and take it on the chin. We’ll see next year if there’s a solution. I’ll have a year left on my deal. We’ll see if things stay the same, if I find a way out or, you never know, sign a new deal. Things happen quickly in football.”