Even though we are used to seeing Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz being linked to the top clubs in the Premier League, there are now interesting claims from the Italian media about his future.

Former Napoli coach Gianni Di Marzio was live on Radio Marte to speak about the Serie A side’s transfer plans for the summer, and suggested that the club should go for Douglas Luiz in this transfer window.

“Would Douglas Luiz be a good buy? Perfect, I’d take it right away! He’s very strong: he defends well, he has imagination, he’s bad. He can do everything”, Gianni Di Marzio told Radio Marte (via Area Napoli).

“If you take such a footballer, he can be sold for €70-80m in a few years. Now, however, he would cost you a maximum of twenty million.”

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Even though Di Marzio’s suggestion sounds reasonable, it’s quite difficult to imagine Aston Villa selling Douglas Luiz for only €20m at this stage.

Besides having a good couple of seasons for the club, he was part of Brazil’s squad at the Copa America, meaning his price will be rather high.

But with so many Napoli players getting constantly linked to Premier League clubs, it’s interesting to see things being the other way around for a change.