Today is just one more day when we check the Mexican press and see someone talking about Raúl Jiménez’s future.

The striker’s home country media has been very excited about the possibility of seeing him move for a bigger club this summer, so there’s room for everyone to reveal their opinion on which side the Wolverhampton Wanderers striker should join.

Former Juventus midfielder Mauro Camoranesi spoke to Fox Sports this week, and since Jiménez has been heavily linked to the Old Lady, the retired footballer had a little bit to say about the rumours.

“Raúl right now can play wherever he wants due to the type of characteristics he has as a player, he’s already done it in Spain and he’s doing well in England”, Camoranesi told Fox Sports.

“He’s a player who doesn’t typically have the Mexican style because he’s tall and physically strong, doesn’t correspond much to the standard of the Mexican player. He’s a player with a different dynamic and with another strength.”

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Besides Juventus, it’s Manchester United who’ve also been pointed out as one of the main destinations for the Wolves star, and Camoranesi says that wherever he goes, he’ll have no problems to adapt.

“I place him in any league for those characteristics, for the technique, for the dynamics that he has in the game. I think that in any team he could easily be and compete.”

Following 288 appearances in eight years for Juventus, Mauro Camoranesi retired in 2014, playing for Argentine side Racing. He’s become a manager and is currently in charge of NK Tabor Sezana in Slovenia.