Marcus Rashford took part in a Nike event last week with several other prominent strikers and since then interviews have been popping up around Europe with those who were present.

Friday is Marcus Rashford’s turn, and Marca is the newspaper in question. Usually when interviewing a talented young footballer Marca would get in questions to try and trip the player into answers which could be twisted into something like ‘Real Madrid is my dream, like all players’.

Those looking after Rashford clearly weren’t having that and Marca’s article starts off by saying the newspaper were informed that Sevilla rumours were false, and ‘warned’.

Marca asked Rashford if he feels Jose Mourinho is the right man for Manchester United: “Yes, definitely. He is known worldwide for his management skills. I think him coming to the club gives the players and the fans a big boost of confidence. We go game by game, but personally I think he’s the right man to bring United back to where we belong.

“Jose tells me to relax and try to perform in games as I usually do in training.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 09.57.22Rashford only broke through at Manchester United a year ago and since then he’s played as both a wide player and upfront, Marca wanted to know which he prefers: “I don’t mind playing either, but I prefer to play in a number 9. role I think it’s easier to score goals from that position. But playing out wide also helps you develop in the middle, as a striker.”

The youngster was asked who’s the best player he’s lined up alongside, and Marca quote Rashford as replying: “Ibra and Zlatan are the two best players I’ve ever played with. They are incredible and I try to emulate them. I grew up watching Rooney playing every week at Old Trafford and now I enjoy playing alongside him. It’s like living a dream.”

Marca quote Rashford as saying “Ibra and Zlatan” in both their print and online editions, but it looks like a mistake, especially given Rashford then elaborates about Wayne Rooney.