Earlier today you may have caught a story about RB Leipzig midfielder Emil Forsberg and a potential move to the Premier League.

SportBild were reporting that several Premier League teams, including Everton, have all been offered the Swedish international as he eyes a departure from the German club this summer.

The midfielder is seemingly keen on moving to pastures new and, at a reported €20m, would be considered something of a bargain.

Everton, though, should be cautious in the extreme. While Forsberg is a talented player, there’s an attitude there that could potentially ruin everything they are trying to build.

Examples of this can be found all over the place. For example, there’s former Bundesliga player Guido Schäfer, who is a fan of Forsberg’s but says ‘Emil loves Emil’ and even describes him as ‘a little diva’.

There’s also the player himself, who is quoted by SportBild as saying this week “I don’t have to prove myself anymore” which is not only rich for a player whose significant achievements are two Swedish titles and Super Cups but also deeply concerning.

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Everton, in the position they currently find themselves in, do not need a player who would think he is bigger than the club. Nor do they need one who doesn’t want to prove himself, quite the opposite.

Even if they could overlook such a character flaw, there’s his fitness to consider. Not only does Forsberg have something of a sketchy injury history, it’s even been suggested that his inability to finish games has annoyed Leipzig coach Julien Nagelsmann.

Then there’s his wife to consider, who, like her husband, does not appear too concerned with diplomacy.

Take her post on Instagram earlier this month, for example, when she posted that “nobody in the world has the right to treat you like s**t. Don’t forget that” when her husband was left on the bench for the draw with Bayern Munich.

That alone should have clubs looking at Forsberg thinking twice, never mind his injury record and sketchy personality.

While Everton need players, they don’t need anyone who could disrupt the positive atmosphere that Carlo Ancelotti is slowly building.

If they’re tempted, they would be wise to weigh up the pros and cons first before taking the plunge. It might just save them a lot of hassle.