William Carvalho and West Ham is one of the best transfer dramas. Ever.

The 2017 war which went on between the Hammers and Sporting was brilliant entertainment and allowed the then president of the Lisbon club, Bruno de Carvalho, to show an English audience just how much of a ‘character’ he is.

Sporting had denied receiving an official offer from the Premier League club, and that led to a public argument.

Bruno went on his club’s official TV channel, and said“Where is it? Proof? Now, approaches, for sure. I’ve had them for almost the whole squad: West Ham supporters call Mr. David Sullivan and his brother, the Dildo Brothers…

“These messengers, these offended virgins, the president of West Ham… We must tell the truth!”

West Ham then published a screenshot of an email which detailed the offer which had been sent.

At the time, the offer seemed low, and the approach certainly looked a little arrogant, with the line at the end almost a threat.

Carvalho remained with Sporting for another year, and the club certainly had a season they’ll want to forget.

Bruno went to war with half the squad, and then a gang of Sporting hooligans raided the club’s training ground, attacking players, coaches and staff. Several, such as Rui Patricio, rescinded their contracts and signed with other clubs as a free agent, with transfer fees later agreed.

All the trouble meant they weren’t in a good negotiating position when it came to selling Carvalho to Real Betis.

Estadio Deportivo report that whilst the Sevilla club agreed to pay €30m, they’re only actually committed to paying €20m of that, because the rest is bonuses.

After a good season in Spain, and a good Nations League with Portugal, West Ham are now again presented as interested.

It’s claimed by Estadio that the Hammers have Carvalho in mind in case Declan Rice leaves the club this summer.

Should the Hammers submit an ‘important offer’, it’s reported ‘there could be business’.

As for Bruno de Carvalho, he was ousted as president, arrested and detained under suspicion of being behind the training ground attack, and is now involved in endless legal cases relating to his time at Sporting and departure from the club.