This week, we’ve covered two stories about Bruno Fernandes. One said Liverpool are interested in signing him, and the other said Sporting are willing to present him with a new contract.

Now as the Lisbon side prepare to face Villarreal in the Europa League on Thursday, the midfielder has given a pre-match press conference, and was asked about both subjects.

First regarding Liverpool, he says he’s not been affected by the rumours, and plans to stay at Sporting until he conquers a major title with the club.

“This is news that passed by. Last year a lot was said too. I came back and this time I want is to win more titles. I know the size of Sporting and I am not happy with only two League Cups,” Bruno Fernandes told the local press (via Jornal de Notícias).

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Regarding the new contract, the player said there have been no talks so far: “I returned with the same conditions. To this day no one has spoken to me, but I am flattered. My focus is on the game, because it’s important for me and the team.”

Bruno Fernandes is currently protected by a €100m release clause, and for being Sporting’s biggest star this season, the Lions won’t make it easy for the clubs who want to sign him.

According to the Liverpool claims from the Portuguese press this week, a transfer could be possible at around €80m.