Paul Pogba has been receiving increased attention, and scrutiny, since his record transfer to Manchester United.

The Frenchman has been taking some time to settle in back in England, and has come under criticism for his performances so far, although things have certainly looked better recently.

The former Juventus star silenced some of his critics after his spectacular goal against the Netherlands, and will be hoping for similar to come for Manchester United.

His brother Mathias, who plays for Sparta Rotterdam, has been speaking to Surface Magazine (via Le 10 Sport) about his brother.

Mathias insists his brother is a different character, and really enjoys getting into trouble.

He said: “He too has a different character. Paul is a real bad loser. This is what is good in him and why he is here today. But outside the character, it’s the same. As a youngster it was messy. He loved problems, trouble. If you do not slap him, he would continue his mistakes (laughs).

“In the home but also outside. My friends of my generation were always saying “tell your brother to calm down or we will get into him!”. He does not mince words, even with my sisters.”

Paul Pogba would certainly be hoping to put things right at Anfield tomorrow night, and it could be a perfect way to silence his critics. A goal against Manchester United’s bitter rivals would see Pogba become a fully fledged hero for the Old Trafford faihtful.