Pervis Estupiñán, who the Ecuador media simply refer to using his first name these days, had to leave Brighton’s match against Burnley after barely ten minutes had been played.

The injury situation is causing a lot of worry in Ecuador and Diario Expreso report the Brighton player is currently unaware of how serious his condition is and is awaiting the results of ‘medical examinations’.

For Ecuador the big worry is the Copa America appearing on the horizon. Estupiñán is not only a key player for his country, but he’s especially in that bracket for manager Félix Sánchez.

Diario Expreso say that Sánchez hasn’t been able to find another player in the country who can operate in a similar position and tactical set up to the Brighton star.

Brighton will obviously want their player back as soon as possible, but for Ecuador it’s all eyes towards the Copa America, and that may even influence Estupiñán himself and his return.

Knowing his importance to his country this summer, he’s surely going to be reluctant to rush back if he’s not entirely ready.

Anyway, the Ecuadorian anxiety rests upon the results of those medical examinations.