For the past few days, we’ve been covering how Boca Juniors’ board aren’t very happy with Alexis Mac Allister’s return to Brighton & Hove Albion.

Even though the Argentine side were paid a fee to cut the midfielder’s loan spell short, they feel like he’s betrayed them by saying he wanted to move to England.

Mac Allister had been playing the Pre-Olympic tournament for Argentina for the past couple of weeks, and that’s why he never responded to the accusations.

But now he’s given a longer interview to Fox Sports, and it turned out he had some heavy comments to make about the entire situation.

“I felt that they didn’t value me, I didn’t feel important, or they didn’t want me, they just wanted a little more money. I talked to Riquelme. I had some talks with him. My main position was to stay,” Mac Allister told Fox Sports (via Olé).

“But later, in that period between that I say that I want to stay and go, things happened that I didn’t like at all and that’s why I made the decision to leave.”

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“When Riquelme called me he was angry about some things, he tells me that my dad had talked a lot and wanted to make the link between the English and Boca. Besides being my dad he’s my representative and, for a respect issue they have to answer, it’s what corresponds. My dad just wanted Boca to answer. He asked me and I wanted to stay at Boca. He said ‘perfect’.

“At the time I found out that Boca sent an email saying I wasn’t going to England, that I’d stay, but if Brighton put a million dollars, I would go. If they said ‘Alexis stays’, I’d stay. Boca had the chance to buy me and they didn’t. Brighton had put the money down and trusted me.”

Boca Juniors’ board obviously weren’t very happy with these quotes. That’s why club official Marcelo Delgado has also spoken to Fox Sports (via TyC), and accused Mac Allister of lying, since they’ve also been in touch with Brighton.

“He told us that he wanted to leave because he had got his work permit and no player is going to cut the possibility of leaving. I personally went to the hotel where the Brighton official was staying and he told me that they wanted to take to the player.

“There is no politics here, there’s a leadership that wants to do things right. He didn’t tell us that he wanted to stay and it’s a lie that we didn’t respond to the club. The father sent messages to me, Cascini and the president to see if we could meet the English official coming to Buenos Aires. Therefore, I met him and the player’s representative, we chatted for almost an hour and they asked me to terminate the contract because he had a work permit. We aren’t going to cut anyone’s chance to go to Europe and that’s why we sat down to negotiate.”