A few days ago, we covered a story from Le10 Sport in France regarding Brighton’s interest in Jean-Eudes Aholou, Strasbourg’s 23-year-old defensive midfielder.

There was no mention of the club actively pursuing a deal, but just that they were keeping tabs on his good season for the promoted Ligue 1 side.

However, that’s not what we’re interested in today, but the other bit of information that was in the article that day, which we also briefly covered in ours.

Wednesday saw a number of articles emerge claiming that, according to Le10 Sport, Brighton were interested in Lille’s Ibrahim Amadou.

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Unfortunately, that’s not what the article says.

The French website state: “Despite having, for a while, observed the Lille midfielder Ibrahim Amadou, especially as he can play as a centre-back, the club from the south of England are currently focusing on the profile of Jean-Eudes Aholou, the Strasbourg midfielder, who was supervised very recently”.

To us, that sounds very much like Brighton have moved on from the Crystal Palace and West Ham target, and decided Aholou is more what they need.

After all, he’d be a lot cheaper, as there’s absolutely no chance Strasbourg would demand the same amount of money Lille would for their captain.

We hope that clears things up.