A few months ago, we’ve covered an interview which the Brighton fullback Bernardo had given to ESPN, and he seemed pretty happy about his arrival to the Premier League.

Now adapted to the club, the player has spoken to the Brazilian channel again, and his smile looks the same. He continues to be glad to make the move this summer.

“I liked the team’s project and the achievement of a dream, which was to come to this league”, Bernardo told João Castelo Branco from ESPN Brasil. “My experience was pretty much of any boy watching on Sunday, Saturday morning, turning on ESPN and watching the Premier League, it’s always been that way.”

The 23-year-old, who got an apartment since his arrival in England, claims he’s happy with the place he lives in: “You see that the weather is good compared to the English standard. You have the sea. Close to London, which for me is the best city in Europe. So I guess it could’t be better located.”

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Now comes the funny part. João Castelo Branco asked Bernard if has already got in the water at the beach in front of his apartment, and the player said no.

“Dude, I haven’t dared go in yet. I haven’t. I went to the beach several times with my dog, but I did not have the courage to go in.”

So the reporter challenged him to get in the water. They both did. And maybe they missed the hot beaches from Brazil.