Brighton, Brentford and Nottingham Forest will return to look at youngster Piero Quispe in the January transfer window.

That’s according to journalist Christian Martin, who has revealed the Premier League trio remain keen on the 22-year-old and will keep an eye on him.

Quispe currently plays his football for Ecuadorian side Universitario but that has not stopped him earning attention from clubs around Europe.

Brighton have been linked most heavily, with reports earlier this year insisting that they were looking to make him the latest young talent from South America to be targeted by them.

While reports of a €10m bid were eventually rejected, they’re believed to be at the front of the queue for his signature, with the player and his manager even asked directly about the issue at one point.

Nottingham Forest and Brentford have since seemingly been brought into the picture, with Todo Sport covering quotes from Argentine journalist Christian Martin insisting they’re going to scout the player in the January transfer window.

“We already said the surveys that had come out from different English football clubs, at least from the scouting system,” he said.

“The reports already reported the Peruvian saying that the midfielder for Universitario and the Peruvian national team is someone with a lot of potential and future.

“We had already reported the polls and from our source we found out that he was on the books of Brighton, Nottingham Forest and Brentford.

“These last two share scouting reports. Wonder Kid, that’s what they call him and mention him as one of the most promising wonder boys.

“The good foot reminds us of Nolberto Solano. We understand that ‘Nobi’ Solano is sometimes consulted by him, especially Nottingham Forest is looking for a player in that position and we know that in January there will be a new survey from these three clubs.”